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One Day Denture Service - Dentures | Jackson, MI

Serving the public since 1980

One - Day Denture Service

One person  tells another

We do single & multiple extractions.

Please call us for details.

This takes 3 appointments

1. Consultation and x-ray

2. Impression appointment

3. Delivery appointment


Give us a call today to learn about the affordable prices you can receive:


"Please Call To Make An Appointment For Your Personalized Treatment"

Taking care of your denture needs

Family owned for over 35 years, One-Day Denture Service has been providing South Central Michigan with denture services and oral surgery service that many residents need. We focus on creating smiles that are pleasing and natural looking.

Free Consultation --- ( x-ray not included )

Same Day Service please call for an appointment.

Call for a time to bring your Denture/partial in to be evaluated.

Immediate Dentures

This takes 2 appointments

       1.  Consultation and X-ray

       2.  Treatment Day




Immediate denture patients usually need relines 1 year after their extractions. Call for an appointment

Removable Partials


< Clean your denture over a sink of water or a folded towel, just in case you accidentally drop the denture.


< Brush your denture after each meal with a denture brush or a soft toothbrush, using hand soap, mild dishwashing liquid or denture cream. Many toothpastes are too abrasive and should not be used for cleaning dentures. For extra help you can use denture cleaning tablets.


< It is important for the health of your gums to take your denture out at night.


< DO NOT microwave your denture, or place it in hot water or bleach. Beware! Dogs love to eat dentures

New Dentures (Replacement)

The services we offer are the following:


A temporary appliance for missing front teeth. Call for an Appointment.